The Grand Canyon

Today, we drove back from Los Angeles to Durango, CO. We stopped by the Grand Canyon on the way. Also included are some “cliff death” pictures for the Scirocco Forum. :)

Anyway, take a look, click a picture for a larger view!


Today was the Bonelli get-together – the farthest destination of this trip. It’s a parking lot gathering in the Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas, CA. Here are my pictures:


Saturday in California

The trip from Colorado to California

Durango on the 10th

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Colorado Zuberfizz Cola (Soda with Altitude) Made in Durango

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is a national park in southwestern Coloado. There are the cliff dwellings from the Pueblo people.



This morning, we went into town and took pictures of the train. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is running in 0ff-season mode. Later today, we’re going to Mesa Verde

The Drive to Durango

Drove from Divide, CO to Durango, CO. Very scenic drive…

Today heading to Durango, CO

It snowed last night, but it’s okay. I checked on to find out how Wolf Creek Pass was doing. Snowpacked, but plowed and open. Going for it! ¬†The route US 24 West to Buena Vista, US 285 South to near Monte Vista. CO 112 as a quick shortcut to US 160 West. Wolf Creek Pass is where we go over the Continental Divide. After that, we roll down the hill into Durango to hang out with my sister! map - wolf creek pass is near Pagosa Springs in the bottom left

The Divide

This is The Continental Divide. This is where Divide, CO gets its name.

Continental Divide as seen from Cripple Creek's Heritage Center

Click here for a 6,500px wide panorama shot of The Divide

To make this panorama, I used the “Stitch¬†Assist” mode on my camera, and put them together in Photoshop. Your browser may show this image fitted to the window, in which case, click on the image again to see it full sized.

Little bit of maintenance

Flushed the coolant on my mom’s car – a 2000 Celica. It’s never been done before. Even though the car has only 17,000 miles, it needs it because it’s 11 years old.

Celica on ramps

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Today, we went to the Garden of the Gods. It’s actually a city park of Colorado Springs. Not bad for a city park, eh?


Oh, Deer

Made it to Divide!

interestingly, we have cell coverage here! pictures later…

In Colorado

Limon, co

stopped about 150 miles short of the destination, too tired!

Halloween in the plains

Driving in the Land of Lincoln

Departing Indianapolis

We’re off! about 1000 miles to go! Long day ahead.

Stopped for the night

We made it just past Indianapolis, IN. and staying here for the night.

A picture from the night… I used a program called SpeedView on my phone to act as a HUD to show the speed. It worked well!