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Junkyard, and Mk4 Adventure

iRox and I went down to Colorado Springs to visit the salvage yard to find some parts for her Cabriolet. Found some interesting cars there, but not the parts we needed.

We started back up to Woodland Park, and the serpentine belt on her 2004 Jetta 1.8T broke. It took out the tensioner pulley as well.  We eventually determined that the tensioner was installed incorrectly, with a black bracket on the wrong side of the tensioner bolts – causing the wheel to drag on the timing cover. One belt, and one tensioner later, we were back on the road.

Awesome Salvage Yard Trip

Eddie and I met up with Karl and Otto in Erie, Colorado to go to Andy Maass’s cool salvage yard. It had not only all kinds of VWs, there were helicopters and planes there too!!

Thanks to both Karl and Otto who donated some money, fuel and food!

Another Junkyard!!

Bwahahahah! This yard is a U-Pull-and-Pay in Aurora, near Zeno and Colfax.

This yard didn’t have too much. Two Cabriolets, a bunch of Mk2 Jettas, two aircooled VWs, and a Toyota “Audi 5000” 😀

Saturday Salvage Yard Trip

Today we went to a salvage yard in North Denver. Lots of good stuff!

We pulled the LONG battery cables out of two different e30 BMWs – and there were more there.

We got an oil cooler setup from a Volvo turbo.

There were a few interesting VAG cars there, including many Audis – even an Audi V8.