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Updated Schedule

The Schedule is all updated, hammered out and pretty much done. Check it out on the Trip & Schedule Page.

Please contact me if there are any problems, or if you want to meet up.

Enabled Comments, Added a Guestbook

I just added the ability for anybody to comment on posts…
I also added a guestbook, so leave your name, and your location!

I updated the header graphic too.

Welcome – TimboTrip is Live!

Timob MobileAlright. The site is launched!

Here’s what’s gonna happen:

This site is here mainly to support my upcoming 48 state capital road trip. But I have a short road trip coming up in early July from Denver, CO to Philadelphia, PA – so I’ll use that trip to sort-of beta test this site!

After I get some donations together I’ll leave on the big trip! The plan is to use two months to visit all of the destinations. I have added a few locations to the trip such as Los Angeles, and Chicago that are not state capitals, but are great places to visit as well.

Click on the pages above in the green bar for details on the trip, and to donate me a few bucks for gas!!