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The Schedule is Almost Finished!

Thanks to all who have donated in the last few weeks. I am above $1000 now, and I’m going to leave planning to make some money along the way fixing computers, and helping people out.
The Schedule is done in software, I just have to update the schedule page now.

Thanks to the people who have donated!

Special thanks to those who have sponsored me some gas monies! 😀 every little bit helps.

I’m getting on the plane to Colorado tomorow – It’s Frontier flight 449 from PHL to DEN. It departs 6:10 PM from Philly. It is on time less than 1% of the time apparently. Today’s 449 is en route as I post this and delayed 17 minutes. Whee!

Special Thanks to those who have Donated!

I’d just like to put a special thanks out to those that have already given me a few bucks for the trip! Every bit helps me get on the way! 

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