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The Map

Here is the map so far:

Current Hood Decal

Current Hood Decal

West Coast, yo!

The West Coast

The West Coast

And Craig (OorsciroccO on VWVortex) signing the hood…

OorsciroccO signing the hood

OorsciroccO signing the hood

Italian Concours in Des Moines, Washington

This morning, Tom and I went to an Italian car show in Des Moines, Washington. There were many very cool cars there… use the continue reading link to see the gallery….

Click to go to the Gallery

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Scirocco can drive FAST

I was very close to SeaTac airport when the GPS receiver.

Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee is a famous informal car get-together here in SoCal. It happens every Saturday Morning in the parking lot between Ford and Mazda’s corporate buildings. Many awesome cars show up – very rare and very expensive cars. All that – and my car STILL attracted a lot of attention!


Triumph Motorcycle

Triumph Motorcycle

Vinyl United States on my hood!

Special thanks to twardnw for making this for me!

The Number 53

53 is the chasis code of the Scirocco. 53A is the Mk1 Scirocco (1975-1981) and 53B is for the Mk2 (1982-1988)

Lego Liberty Bell!

Lego Liberty Bell!! Need I say more? Heck no!

Flying in the Face of Fuel Prices

You may be wondering why I am doing this trip now, when prices for gasoline are at record highs. Why? Well, it’s not going to go down!  Americans have traveled far less this year as fuel prices have gone up. The great American roadtrip is fading away.

This site is an effort of many people to experience the roadtrip. All of our money together will make filling up the tank easy. I’ll take pictures of everywhere. I’ll write about the capitals. It will all be here as it happens.

My car can get 35 mpg reliably. I got 39.1 mpg on my last leg from Dayton, OH to Philadelphia in early June. The highest I have attained ever was 46 mpg.  The trip is so far 14,719 miles. At 35mpg, that is 420.5 gallons of gas.

Here is the Department of Energy website on fuel prices:

That says that as of this post fuel is an average of 4.08 per gallon across the nation. 420.5 times 4.08 is $1,715.81 estimated exact fuel costs.  Now this does not include driving in cities, getting lost finding the capital buildings, and it does not include several side trips I’m going to take to see landmarks.

But it shows that taking a trip like this is not as expensive as you’d think – even with the crazy fuel prices.

Take your Timbo to work Day

Yesterday my friend Raul Bacordo – known as raulito on the vortex – took me to work with him. We made 1000 rolls of sushi for a zoo fundraiser at the Center City Philadelphia location of Swanky Bubbles, and then taught a sushi class at the Cherry Hill location of Swanky Bubbles.

I took TONS of pictures, and a video. Read more to see them all…

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