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Lunken Airport

Today, we flew south to Lunken Airport to meet up at the Sky Galley resturant in the old terminal.

Flying to Lima, OH

We flew to Lima, OH to pick up a 16v cylinder head which I will deliver to Karl in Colorado.

Flying around Ohio

Cathy Boyko signed my hood, and she made a special-edition PURPLE thumbtack for where she lives in Canadia! ๐Ÿ˜€ย  (Yes, Canada is spelled like that intentionally); see the post below for pictures of her PURPLE Scirocco!

Last night went to the REAL Crispie Creme Donut store in Chillicothe, OH.

Today, we flew in Daun’s Cessna 172 to Urbana, OH to have breakfast. On the way, we saw Dayton, OH, and the Air Force Air and Space Museum. We met friends at Urbana, OH. We flew in formation out of there. From the air we saw the F-16s parked at Springfield-Beckley.

Then we rode in Daun’s Mk1 Scirocco to a flea market, and I bought a thermoelectric cooler for $20. Maybe that will keep me from having to carry 40lbs of Ice!!

Next, we returned to the airport at Clinton County, and saw the Ohio Highway Patrol aircraft – the one on the signs marked “Speed enforced from aircraft”.ย  We flew back in a tail dragger Cessna 180.

Next: we fly a Piper Arrow.


Daun’s plane is a Cessna 172


Up in Daun’s Plane!

Posting from Aurora, CO

I have arrived! Finally. So tired.

Flight Delayed 4.5 Hours

Wow! I’ve been here since, what – 2:45 PM? The flight was scheduled to leave at 6:10. It’ s 9:51 now. The plane is estimated to leave at 10:30 _IF_ a driver with a part for the plane gets here from Washington DC in the next 9 minutes.

Being that the delay isย more than 4 hours, we will see how Rule 240 works in practice! ๐Ÿ˜€ But there’s one problem with that. There’s no more flights to Denver tonight, and the next flight is also Frontier Airlines – at 8:00 AM tomorow. (there’s a United plane at 8:03 too)

Lego Liberty Bell!

Lego Liberty Bell!! Need I say more? Heck no!

Flight Delayed 2 hours

And I’m not suprised. This flight is late 99% of the time.

So I walked down the terminal. This terminal is also the international terminal. Being that – I knew there had to be a McDonald’s somewhere. How else do we welcome people to America anyway? ๐Ÿ˜€ย  While in line, I talked to a guy from France who had his flight to Paris delayed 3 hours. So what am I complaining about? ๐Ÿ˜€

So – I’m parked on the floor near a power outlet. Chargin’ and Postin’!

To top it all off, my wife called me, and demanded a divorce over the phone because I didn’t invite her to stay at my parent’s house.

On the Tarmac!

My plane is an Airbus A319-111 Registration N904FR

There’s a Lufthansa A340 here too! ๐Ÿ˜€

Posting from the slow security line

The TSA is slow.

On the way to the Airport

Click the “Read More” for a gallery of the pictures I took on the way from my house to Philadelphia International Airport.

Raul picked me up from my house where I left my car in the driveway. He drove me downtown on 2nd street. We saw North Philly, Northern Liberties, and Old City. Then we got on I-95, and went to the airport.

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Rule 240: This could save your trip

Working for a travel agent, you learn a few tricks.

Bring the airline’s own Rule 240 policy with you to the airport. You can find this as a PDF file on any airline’s website as their “Contract of Carriage”
Frontier’s is here:

Rule 240 is on page 58. Print that page!

For example: Delta

Delta’s rule 240 is on page 47.

Rule 240 basically says that if the delay or cancellation was caused by the airline’s fault (equipment problems, scheduling problems, crew problems) then they must fly you on another airline to your destination.

This does not apply in the case of weather-related delays.