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Visiting Microsoft Streets & Trips team

Today I visited Microsoft for the Streets and Trips team. They bought me lunch, and gave me the new version of Streets and Trips – the 2009 version. They also made me some “Powered by Streets and Trips 2009” magnets for the sides of my car.

Cool!! The new version of Streets and Trips is really cool. It now reads the names of the streets you are on. It can trace the route you have been, so I’ll have a map of every place I drive from Redmond for the rest of the trip.

Breakfast in Seattle

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier as seen from Tacoma, WA

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

Driving around Tacoma

I’m staying with Jeff in Tacoma (lagomorph on VWVortex). He has a very cool 77 Rabbit with a TDI – turbo diesel engine from a newer VW. It is VERY fast and in VERY good shape.

Boeing Factory Tour

I took Boeing’s factory Tour. Craig (OorsciroccO on Vortex) tagged along. He works for a Boeing contractor that specializes in the production tooling.

Unfortunately, Boeing does not allow cameras or any sort of electronics on the tour – so my camera was in a locker the entire time.

The Map

Here is the map so far:

Current Hood Decal

Current Hood Decal

West Coast, yo!

The West Coast

The West Coast

And Craig (OorsciroccO on VWVortex) signing the hood…

OorsciroccO signing the hood

OorsciroccO signing the hood

Seattle Skyline

I drove to Kerry Park, just northwest of the Seattle. The skyline is pretty dang cool.

Shooting Trip part 2

Part two was a much greater success. The Forrest service officer even checked up on us.

Shooting Trip: Part 1

We  went out to the Washington Mountians to go shooting… Then the Police showed up! :)   They were cool though – they just told us that we couldn’t shoot so close to the high-tension power lines, and they told us a good area up the highway to go shooting.

Italian Concours in Des Moines, Washington

This morning, Tom and I went to an Italian car show in Des Moines, Washington. There were many very cool cars there… use the continue reading link to see the gallery….

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Scirocco can drive FAST

I was very close to SeaTac airport when the GPS receiver.

Washington State Capitol

Posting from Olympia, Washington.

Washington: Mount St. Helens

I’m driving to Olympia, Washington, and we stopped at Mount St. Helens to take pictures. The volcano itself was covered with clouds, but there were still cool photos to be taken.

Oregon State Capitol

Drove from Vancouver, WA to Salem, OR for the capitol picture. It was too dark last night.

Leaving Vancouver, WA for Salem, OR now

Yesterday was a day full of computer problems. That’s why there’s not many posts.
I’m leaving Vancouver for the Oregon state capitol in Salem right now…. Pictures soon!