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Departed Austin, TX

I left Morio’s place around 5:45. I am meeting Jesse and his wife in Waco for breakfast.

Next stop: Okalahoma City!

Thanks again to Morio and his family for their hospitality, and thanks to the Texas VW folks who came to Morio’s party and donated to the fuel fund!

A few pictures of my car…

Went up to the hill again, and got some great pictures of my car….

BBQ pics!

MANY, MANY vws have showed up for Morio’s BBQ!  More pictures to come!

Pictures and Pizzas!

We washed our cars, found some big Texas sky, and took some pictures.

We also had a big Texas Pizza! 😀

Computer Fixed, pretty much!

Well, the original hard disk is toast. All of my pictures are gone.

I am borrowing an 80GB drive from Morio in Texas. Thanks a bunch!!

Posting this from my newly-formatted install of Vista. It took like 3 hours with all the dang updates. Now I just have to reinstall my map software and re-make the trip map. 😀

Anyone who sent me their address or cell number before, it is lost now. Pleas re-send it to me at


My computer broke due to condensation issues – the hard drive is dead, hopefully I will have it fixed by Monday…
In the mean time, here’s all of the pictures I’ve taken in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas!
Special thanks to Morio in Austin, TX, who I am staying with, and who I am using his computer! 😀