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Nashville and Tennessee’s State Capitol

Popped into and out of Nashville this morning, and got a great picture of the capitol building. Then I saw this Lotus. Nate’s dad talked about a classic car show in Cincinnati today.

My last tank of fuel got me 38.4 MPG!

Departing Memphis for Nashville, TN

Thanks to Nate (Fugn Dubbin) for letting me stay at his place, and showing me the best time in any city! This was awesome!!


Went to Graceland and signed the wall.

Then we went back into Arkansas to take pictures of the city. There was a fire burning, so we went into Memphis to find that fire. It turned out to be an abandoned paper mill on fire…

We also visited the Civil Rights museum, where Martin Luther King, Jr was shot.

More Memphis

Drove by FedEx’s main hub in Memphis.


(This is a staged photo)

Memphis is Awesome!

We went downtown, and there was a car show!! There was all kinds of neat stuff there.


Staying for two nights here in Memphis, TN. Get to see Elvis and all that! 😀