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South Dakota State Capitol

First I stopped in Wall Drug. It was even more legendary than South of the Border in South Carolina, or The Thing? from Arizona. It was HUGE. Even the bumper stickers are HUGE!! :)

The Capitol picture was pretty easy. I like ones like this.

Next? Bismarck, ND

Mount Rushmore

Today’s Plan: a LOT of stops



Todays Destinations:

1. My hotel in Gillette, Wyoming

2. Devil’s Tower in Wyoming

3. Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota

4. Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota

6. State Capitol in Pierre, South Dakota

7. State Capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota

8. Theoretical Arrival at Konomi and Nataku’s place. I will not make this, the map shows me getting there at 11 pm not including any times I stop today, and does not include the hour I loose due to timezone change.

Wall Drug sighted!

Wall Drug Billboard

Wall Drug Billboard

Wall drug is exaclty 400.4 miles away from where I took this picture. Goddamn!
My computer is crashing every few minutes now, but in a different way. Something is wrong with the video card, it causes video corruption not only in Windows, but also in BIOS, startup, and the Dell Diagnostic Utility. Hell of a time for this to happen. :(