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The South: Planning

Planning for tomorrow’s trip. I have nowhere to stay for the next several states.

I have Xavsbud in Charlston, SC, and Morio in Austin, TX – So I have Alabama, Mississippi, Louisanna, and East Texas to drive through.

Updated Map for the 48 State Trip!

Check out the newest edition  of the map to see how close I am to you.

–Remember, buy me a tank of gas, and I’ll come out of my way to visit you!! 😀

All donations are very much appreciated!

Departure Date Set: July 21st

I am going to leave on Monday, July 21st for the 48 state trip. I’ll be driving down with Fraser Dachille – known as frd206 on the Vortex.

I’ll stay with him north of Washington, DC that night.

Please visit the Donate page and throw me a buck or two! I’m at 10% of the goal as of this post! I thank you so much for this!!

Planning for the Colorado Trip

Gray SciroccoThe Colorado Trip is set!

I fly out June 19th, and my parrents will pick me up at the airport.

I’ll hang around in Denver, buying tires and a battery to get that car ready to go.

I leave July 5th: Destination: mr lee in Kansas City!
Leave Denver: 8:30 AM
Arrive KC at 5PM

July 6th: Destination: Daun in Dayton!
Leave KC at 8:30 AM
Arrive Dayton at 5:00 PM

July 7th: Return to Philly to prepare for the BIG trip.
Leave Dayton at 8:30 AM
Arrive Philly at 5:00 PM


The Colorado trip will be used as a sort-of beta version of the trip. The distances between destinations are longer on the Colorado trip, so I will pull over at rest-stops more often to post up.


Total Distance

Starting the Trip Schedule

Schedule PlanningI’m planning out the schedule for the trip right now – to give everybody a good idea of when I’ll be in their area. I am thinking about starting out on July 21st – a Monday.

Special thank-yous go to those who have offered their places and foods! 😀

There is a new Trip Schedule page – it’s still being worked on, but it gives you an idea!