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Airplane Destruction in Hurricane Ohio!

Drove to Dayton, OH. So far, so good.

The streets in Daun’s neighborhood were trashed. There’s trees down, power lines down, and general destruction. There’s also a LOT of sawdust in various places, this is half cleaned up.

This is Daun’s partner Brad’s Grumman airplane. The nose gear was being repaired, so the plane was being supported by an engine hoist, which twisted about. The roof ripped off the hangar

So, I’m here at Daun’s again. So far so good, but there’s no power here, and I doubt there will be for a long time.


Crazy windstorm in Ohio!! It’s a hurricane!! 60-70mph winds!! STUFF HIT ME!  Cones, trashcans, signs, cornhusks.

But I got the Capitol!!

Entering Ohio

Welcome to Ohio

Welcome to Ohio

Welcome to Ohio AGAIN!!! This is the FOURTH time I’ve been to Ohio this year. That does not include a fifth time that I flew over it. :)

Lunken Airport

Today, we flew south to Lunken Airport to meet up at the Sky Galley resturant in the old terminal.

Flying to Lima, OH

We flew to Lima, OH to pick up a 16v cylinder head which I will deliver to Karl in Colorado.

Flying around Ohio

Cathy Boyko signed my hood, and she made a special-edition PURPLE thumbtack for where she lives in Canadia! 😀  (Yes, Canada is spelled like that intentionally); see the post below for pictures of her PURPLE Scirocco!

Last night went to the REAL Crispie Creme Donut store in Chillicothe, OH.

Today, we flew in Daun’s Cessna 172 to Urbana, OH to have breakfast. On the way, we saw Dayton, OH, and the Air Force Air and Space Museum. We met friends at Urbana, OH. We flew in formation out of there. From the air we saw the F-16s parked at Springfield-Beckley.

Then we rode in Daun’s Mk1 Scirocco to a flea market, and I bought a thermoelectric cooler for $20. Maybe that will keep me from having to carry 40lbs of Ice!!

Next, we returned to the airport at Clinton County, and saw the Ohio Highway Patrol aircraft – the one on the signs marked “Speed enforced from aircraft”.  We flew back in a tail dragger Cessna 180.

Next: we fly a Piper Arrow.

Ohio, topless Scirocco lady!

Cathy is on a crazy roadtrip herself! The Purple car came from Florida, and it’s been just about everywhere. She was in town with Daun and Brad after visiting Oshkosh.

All of the Kentucky Pictures!

I met up with upoo2 for some Kentucky Fried Chicken in Louisville, KY. That’s where it started, you know…

Then drove to Frankfort for the Capitol, and took a beautiful US highway up to Cincinnati, then finally on to Dayton to Daun’s place.