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Dinner at It’s Nutts!

Here are the pictures from dinner tonight!

Trenton, New Jersey’s state capitol

The group showed up!!  We all met at the NJ state capitol – the last one. After our pictures, we went to eat at It’s Nutts – a great place on NJ route 29 we have all eaten before.

Working on cars, gas prices

We’re working on Paul’s car, installed a new Catalytic Converter. I am putting the mudflaps that JonnyPhenominon gave me in Maine.

Then we saw some cheap gas!!


On the porch, we have made a fire in the fireplace. This fire looks sorta like a skull, which is pretty neato!

Then we got to thinkin’ – S’mores!!! AWESOME!!

Dinner in NJ

Paul made dinner, it was very good.

Southwestern Chicken wings, chicken breasts with BBQ sauce, bacon, mixed cheese, some shells and cheese, and southwest mixed veggies. Dang good!

And, Sciroccojim explains his rear strut situation.

New Jersey

New Jersey officially has the record for cheapest fuel of the trip!!

I’m staying tonight with Paul and Lee (sciroccos4life and sciroccos4lifewife) in NJ.

Driving to New York’s State Capitol

This morning, I bid Raul goodbye. Raul is the executive chef at a restaurant called Swanky Bubbles, which has a location in Center City Philadelphia, and also a location in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Raul’s car was broken when I left, it is still broken, hence the “fix me”

I drove through NJ, and stopped by sciroccojim’s place to drop off a rear seat I had carried from echassin in Chicago to here. Jim bought me lunch at the Cafe California.

Now I’m in NY, heading for Albany.

Trip to New York

It just happened that my grandpa was going up to New York to see the Queen Elizabeth 2 leave New York. This is the second-to-last time that it will be here before it retires to Dubai, the last time is in October, so the light will be gone on departure, so the best photos will be today.

We got into a 2000 Subaru Forrester, and I drove us up the NJturnpike up to Staten Island, New York. We took the ferry across, and then took the subway up Manhattan. We went to the pier area, and took a small ferry across to Weehauken, NJ to take pictures from a higher vantage point.

The QE2 was parked next to the Crystal Symphony at the pier, but the Symphony was not scheduled to depart until later tonight. We took photos with my camera, and my grandpa’s Nikon D40x.

Then we got back on the ferry, and took the subway down to Little Italy. There was a street festival. it was called the Feast of San Gennaro, and it happens every year.  We ate dinner at Benito II – a great true Italian restaurant that is a tradition for us in New York visits.