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Rob’s BBQ

Rob made Deer steaks for the BBQ. He invited members of the board – the local VW forum for Kansas City. Great turnout, I thank all who came! This is a great community here. I got lots of new names on the map, and many donations for the fuel fund!

Timmy the Cat

One of Rob’s cats is named Tim. I thought that was cool.

Rabbit Shenanigans

Some pictures from yesterday…

Returned to Kansas City

I’m back. I’m staying tomorow too for a BBQ that mrlee is holding.
I removed extra stuff from the car, the Mk1 scirocco spoiler, the 16v head and container, my clothes, my cooler, my bathroom stuffs, and my food. The tools and spare tire stayed in the car. On the trip to Topeka, I filled up at a gas station here, and topped to the second click. I drove to Topeka at the speed limit (mostly 70 mph), drove around the capitol for a bit, then returned to here, and filled up again at the same gas station, at the same pump, to the second click again. Here are the results:

That’s 37.05 MPG for that trip. If I heald it to 55, I would have gotten much better!

Arrived in Kansas City, MO

I am here!

Gonna stay till Wednesday, leaving thursday morning.

Missouri State Capitol


It is REALLY hot today – my thermometer in my car reads 105.1F!

Springfield was crowded, but it had a nice capitol.

I’m in Missouri now, heading for Jefferson City.