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The Most Expensive and Cheapest gas, one tank after the other

The least expensive fuel of the entire trip was near Blaine, MN – it was 3.42 per gallon for regular. Konomi bought me that tank of fuel! Thanks!

The most expensive fuel of the entire trip had been the 4.12 I paid at the station near my house in Philadelphia, but it was beaten this last tank. This time it was 4.14 near Chicago – thanks to echassin for this tank!

Entering Wisconsin

I also found that I was across the street from The German Haus. Muahhaah!

Tonight Pictures

Took some night pictures! Neato.

Mall of America

We went down to the Mall of America – a HUGE mall – four floors, and it has an amusement park inside!

Minnesota State Capitol

We visited the Minnesota State Capitol building today.

St. Paul at Night

Amber (Konomi) took us to the SECRET SPOT near St. Paul to take night photos.

It’s not Betty Crocker, it’s Amber Crocker!

Amber (Konomi on VWVortex) made Lasagna for dinner tonight, it was DANG GOOD!  She also baked cookies and a Key Lime Pie. Muahahahah!

Park Pictures

Brian (Nataku on VWVortex) and I went to Bunker Hill park to take a couple pictures. I also updated the map. It used to say 15,600 miles, but I have already gone that far, so I upped it to 21,600. (I didn’t have any zeros left) – I also re-traced the black signatures on my hood because the Sharpie markers are not UV-resistant. I used a paint marker.

Olive Garden

Tonight, I am staying with Amber and Brian near Minneapolis. Amber works at Olive Garden, so we visited her for dinner. MOAR BREADSTICKS!! :)

Yes, it's spelled that way!

Yes, it's spelled that way!

More Cropduster Fun

Cropduster over the Highway

Cropduster over the Highway


Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign