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High Dynamic Range image

an HDR image is the combination of two images taken at different exposure levels. In this particular case, the people in the scene moved, leaving some rather strange effects. This produces an image that shows the colors of both input images.

High Dynamic Range Image

High Dynamic Range Image

On the Cape

I met up with Eli (sharkytm on SomethingAwful and VWVortex), and we explored the cape here.

Then we went and ate at PI Pizza. New England style Pizza, it was quite good!

Jonny filled me up with some gas, and I left Maine.

I drove down I-95, so I was in New Hampshire for like 15 minutes! :)

Then Boston. This was the one I was worried about, and I was right to – Saturday in a city designed YEARS before cars? Yeah. But I got a picture that’s actually not bad at all!!