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Trip to the Capitol of Michigan

I drove echassin’s Honda Spree around the block one more time, it was fun!

It’s raining. A lot. The highway was flooded. Westbound was closed, our side had to go around the flood. BAD!!

Anyway, I’m at the Capitol now, took my picture, and I’m on my way to Tony (Neptuno on VWVortex)’s place

It’s not Orange – it is brown!

We visited Chris (Fein1 on VWVortex) – he has a Panama Brown 77 rabbit with a 16v. It’s a very cool car. The wheels are ATS Classics, the tires are Sumitomo HTR200s, the same tires that I use (in a very different size though)

Chicago and the Adler Planetarium

We drove downtown to get some pictures of the skyline of Chicago. But the buildings were hiding in the clouds! But this spot would make for a GREAT car picture on a sunny day!

The Most Expensive and Cheapest gas, one tank after the other

The least expensive fuel of the entire trip was near Blaine, MN – it was 3.42 per gallon for regular. Konomi bought me that tank of fuel! Thanks!

The most expensive fuel of the entire trip had been the 4.12 I paid at the station near my house in Philadelphia, but it was beaten this last tank. This time it was 4.14 near Chicago – thanks to echassin for this tank!

Shrttrackr’s insane Race Rocco

Here’s an insane Scirocco racecar. Craig’s Scirocco is a 2.0L 16v bottom with an 8v top and a large cam. Muahaahaha!

Transmission and Spreeeeee

We started putting back together Eric’s spare transmission for fun. Eric happens to have a BOSCH oven!

Then we worked on Eric’s new FREE Honda Spree!  It’s from 1986, has 1500 miles, and needed the carb to be cleaned up a bit.  By nightfall, we were buzzing about the neighborhood!

The ATS Cup Convention

Eric has 3 VWs with the ATS Cup wheels on them. From the $400 Cabriolet, to the perfect GTI, to the mythical Scirocco that has been amazingly rolled out on to the driveway for my honor! :)


It is REALLY hot today – my thermometer in my car reads 105.1F!

Springfield was crowded, but it had a nice capitol.

I’m in Missouri now, heading for Jefferson City.