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The red car is an AE86 Toyota Corolla. This is a cool car – it’s a hatchback, 4 cylinder, rear-wheel drive. It was made even more popular when it was featured in the Anime series Initial D – about drift racing.

I took US highways into Florida, not interstates.

Note the horizontal Florida traffic lights. Funky!

Randall (California 16v) and Fraser (frd206) met me in Tallahassee. Florida’s state capitol building was HUGE, and impossible to get a good picture of from so close.

I spotted this Mk2 Jetta Carat at a gas station. The owners didn’t care though. It had mk3 alloys on it.

And finally – look how crazy this service plaza is that I pulled off on. It could be a racetrack! 😀

I wish I could have gone more into Florida, but there were no more people in the state who wanted me to come down.  Special thanks to Fraser who drove all the way down with me, he bought me a couple of tanks of gas, he bought me lunch a few times, then he gave me cash as I left!! YOU HELPED A LOT!! THANKS!! 😀