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Sacramento, California

Went down to the Capitol of California. Beautiful building, great parking spot! :)

Arrived in Sacramento, CA

I’m back in Sacramento tonight, staying with Vento117.

Trip to Nevada: Carson City and Lake Tahoe

From San Jose, I drove up I-80 toward Lake Tahoe to go to Carson City, Nevada- the capital. I took a picture of the car in front of Donner Lake. I when another car pulled off at the vista point – I got out my knife and fork because they looked tasty! 😉

Nevada’s Capitol was shrouded by trees, and had bad parking – so this photo is the worst one yet.

I also walked around and found a wide enough sidewalk leading to the capitol that didn’t have so many trees.

San Fransisco

Today is visit San Fransisco day.

First I gassed up – I took a picture of one of California’s funky Phase II evaporative emissions gas nozzles. They really do work though – there’s no fumes around when you are filling your tank.

Then I drove to the Golden Gate Bridge, and took several photos. I also took a photo of Alcatraz.

Then I went on The Duck tour in the floating bus. That was really cool.

I noticed a PCC car on the F Market and Wharves line – painted as if it was from Philadelphia. I thought that was awesome. Turns out it is a whole historic line:

Duck Boat!

I’m on the Duck Boat!

Arrived in San Jose, California

Here are the rest of the photos of the Highway, and the other Scirocco owners who met us at Neil’s place.

Morro Bay

I met a couple of folks at a rest stop on the 101 highway – Richard and Elane Keller. Richard was a B-25 pilot in World War Two. They asked me all about the trip, and even insisted on giving me some gas money! They are from Venturua, and were heading to visit Morro Bay.

I met up with Matt.e in San Luis Obispo – he works at Nucci’s – a very good pizza place there. I ate an awesome pizza, breadsticks, and I’d like to thank Matt.e for lunch and gas money!

I drove out of San Luis Obispo on The 1. Pretty soon, I stumbled upon Morro Bay, where Richard and Elane were headed – so I stopped, and I wasn’t disappointed!! Wow, it is beautiful here.

Pacific Coast Highway

I’m heading up the coast for San Fransisco. I’m taking CA-1 – The Pacific Coast Highway. This road snakes along the edge of the ocean. It is very curvy and scenic.

I re-tuned my Megasquirt (a DIY Programmable Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition system) a bit, and enabled the overrun fuel cut option which turns the injectors totally off when I am going down a hill. Most modern cars do this – but the Scirocco’s factory mechanical injection was never capable of that.  This has resulted in better running, quieter exhaust when coasting and driving down a hill. I’m hoping to see a boost in economy as well.

What a veetarded Dinner

Will (veetarded on vortex) made some AWESOME Filet Mignon steaks that he marinated himself. Charles and Sun were there, and so was Mike Potter of
My started has been acting up – sometimes it just clicked instead of starting – a dying solenoid. Mike drove 1 1/2 hours to bring me a new one, not only that – he just gave it to me for the cause! What a cool guy!! THANKS, MIKE!!

Pics from

Yesterday I met the photographer, Max. Thnaks for the awesome pictures, Max!!!

New Glasses!

You know – it all works out. My old glasses were very scratched, weak, and were holding together with wire. These new glasses are designer, cool, and very comfortable! Muahahahah!


We went to the Bolsa Chica beach today. I lost my glasses in the ocean. DANGIT! I can’t see anything!!

Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee is a famous informal car get-together here in SoCal. It happens every Saturday Morning in the parking lot between Ford and Mazda’s corporate buildings. Many awesome cars show up – very rare and very expensive cars. All that – and my car STILL attracted a lot of attention!

BBQ Pictures

I’m gonna be updating this post with BBQ pictures!

Road to BBQ!

Andy (My Old Roc) and I drove to Will (veetarded)’s BBQ

Stardrive Repair Facility

Went to Andy’s place (My Old Roc on Vortex) A.K.A. Chewbacca (You know, because he’s a hairy bastard!).

We tuned his megasquirt, we rotated my tires, and clean our air filters.

The hood got a new ornament!


Drove through LA and went to see the Hollywood sign!  Drove by NBC’s studios to see where The Tonight Show is filmed.


Triumph Motorcycle

Triumph Motorcycle

Adventures around SoCal

We visited a few landmarks around the area for some pictures!

Amazing Engine, Amazing Pizza!

Will is working on a patented variable compression, variable displacment multifuel engine. This is the test setup he is using right now – and it is amazing. This engine gets FAR better economy and efficiency than a normal otto-cycle engine.

Tony’s Pizza was voted the best Pizza in Orange County – I think it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had from a Pizza restaurant!