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Posting from Mile 53

I’m on I-10 heading for California. I’m stopping at Mike Potter’s place, then on to Veetarded! 😀

Thanks, Paul!

Thanks to Paul and his Wife for hosting me in Chandler, Arizona.

Paul is following me!

Paul is following me!

Various other adventures

Thrasher and I went to BAP Import auto parts. It had all kinds of neato stuff.
My computer’s screen will not turn on when the temperature is over 85 degrees. If it is already on – then the screen will stay on above 85. It’s the turning on that dosen’t work.

When it gets above 95 degrees, the computer slows down, gets crashy and sometimes it turns the screen off, then on – of course – it fails at turning back on. I see this screen A LOT.

Arizona State Capitol

Did the state capitol in Phoenix, AZ

There’s a university of Phoenix here. Whoda thunk? 😀

Canyon Lake

Took some pictures at Canyon Lake…


Met Sciroccohal at Paul’s place. He has a very very nice and shiny Mk1 Scirocco. He showed me a cool modification to the heckblend on the rear of the car – 74 LEDs!

Pima Air and Space Museum

About 250 Pictures in this post!

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Arizona and THE THING?


I also saw a bunch of classic cars, and a Ford F100 rally.
The thing is at the bottom of the block of pictures below.