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Stopped for the night

We made it just past Indianapolis, IN. and staying here for the night.

A picture from the night… I used a program called SpeedView on my phone to act as a HUD to show the speed. It worked well!


Pictures from Saturday before H2oi

Washing the cars

Convoy pics 2

Raul’s Dinner

Warm ceviche

Crabcakes, salad, corn

and for dessert? Crème Brûlée

The Trip is complete, but it’s not over!

The last capitol has been done. The 48 State Roadtrip is over!   This weekend, I am driving to the show in Ocean City, Maryland- H2o International where I will show off the hood.

This site will stay here, archiving my trip. It will also serve as the blog for all of my future roadtrips – because I’m not even close to being done!!
Big thank-you to all who donated.

Dinner at It’s Nutts!

Here are the pictures from dinner tonight!

Trenton, New Jersey’s state capitol

The group showed up!!  We all met at the NJ state capitol – the last one. After our pictures, we went to eat at It’s Nutts – a great place on NJ route 29 we have all eaten before.

Working on cars, gas prices

We’re working on Paul’s car, installed a new Catalytic Converter. I am putting the mudflaps that JonnyPhenominon gave me in Maine.

Then we saw some cheap gas!!


On the porch, we have made a fire in the fireplace. This fire looks sorta like a skull, which is pretty neato!

Then we got to thinkin’ – S’mores!!! AWESOME!!

Dinner in NJ

Paul made dinner, it was very good.

Southwestern Chicken wings, chicken breasts with BBQ sauce, bacon, mixed cheese, some shells and cheese, and southwest mixed veggies. Dang good!

And, Sciroccojim explains his rear strut situation.

New Jersey

New Jersey officially has the record for cheapest fuel of the trip!!

I’m staying tonight with Paul and Lee (sciroccos4life and sciroccos4lifewife) in NJ.

Hartford, Connecticut

Met up with INTERNETRACECAR from the SomethingAwful forums at the state capitol of Connecticut.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the last of the 48 states that I have never visited before, and the third-to-last capitol of this trip. There was a marathon going on downtown in Providence, so I had to get a little creative, and I think it turned out much better than normal!

And as suddenly as I went into Rhode Island, I was out! ‘m headed for Hartford, CT now.

High Dynamic Range image

an HDR image is the combination of two images taken at different exposure levels. In this particular case, the people in the scene moved, leaving some rather strange effects. This produces an image that shows the colors of both input images.

High Dynamic Range Image

High Dynamic Range Image

On the Cape

I met up with Eli (sharkytm on SomethingAwful and VWVortex), and we explored the cape here.

Then we went and ate at PI Pizza. New England style Pizza, it was quite good!

Jonny filled me up with some gas, and I left Maine.

I drove down I-95, so I was in New Hampshire for like 15 minutes! :)

Then Boston. This was the one I was worried about, and I was right to – Saturday in a city designed YEARS before cars? Yeah. But I got a picture that’s actually not bad at all!!

Maine State Capitol

I met up with Jon (JonnyPhenomenon on VWVortex) to take photos of the Maine State Capitol.

Now we’re eating breakfast in Lewiston, ME.

Lobster in Maine!

Got here to John’s place (crazyaboutrocs on VWVortex) in Bucksport, ME. He’s getting the Lobster ready!

Entering Maine